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Frequently asked questions

If you have an question about Naturetale or you feel that a question should be added to this page, please go to our 'contact' page and send us your question. We will appreciate any question or suggestion, even if you feel your question is too obvious to ask.

Does the Naturetale app cover all UK flowers?

Naturetale covers all but the rarest flowers, but not all individually. Flowers that look similar to each other are grouped together. The app then provides information about individual flowers within each group.

Will I be able to use the app anywhere at any time, even when there is no network reception?

Yes; everything that the app needs to work is loaded on to your phone. So it will work perfectly well in situations where there is no network connection.

What plans are there to expand what the Naturetale app covers?

We intend to expand the breadth of things that the app covers. The first extension will cover grasses, trees and shrubs. The app could potentially cover anything that it is easy for people to get a good look at. Unfortunately this means that it is unlikely to be able to cover anything that can run, fly or crawl away.

How do I provide Naturetale with feedback on my experiences using it?

You can e-mail us from within the app itself, or contact us via the Contact page of this website.

How does the Naturetale app help me to tell apart flowers that are very similar?

Where two or more flowers are very similar, or when there are other helpful identification tips, there is a small i icon on the thumbnail image of the flower. If you tap on this icon an information box containing a helpful tip opens.

Will the Naturetale app be upgraded from time to time?

Yes. We anticipate that we will find ways to improve the app over time. We also intend to expand it and provide more information. So there will be a number of upgrades. These will be automatically loaded on to your phone, for free.

What plans are there to update the Naturetale app following feedback from users?

We are hoping that users of the app feed back to us what they like about the app, anything they don’t like, and suggestions for additional things that the app could contain. We will respond to as many as these suggestions as we can. These improvements will be incorporated into the periodic upgrades.

Will the Naturetale app enable the novice to identify every flower they find?

Probably not. The app works by placing flowers into categories of colour, height, habitat and flower shape e.g. Bright pink or Pale pink. But in reality flowers vary in subtle and many ways, not all of which are easy to categorise. Furthermore flowers are prone to do things that they ‘should not’, such as a woodland flower growing in the middle of a grass field. Even experienced botanists can struggle to tell apart some flowers. So an app such as Naturetale will not enable people to identify every flower they encounter at the first go. But we’ve tested it extensively and know that it ‘works’ in the great majority of cases. And we have provided a number of alternative options for if identification is proving elusive.

What do I do if I can’t identify the flower or berry I’m looking at?

The app enables you to browse all flowers that are the same colour as one that you’ve found, and also those that are the same shape. You can also do this for berries that are the same colour, or that grow on the same type of plant. If this still doesn’t help, you can take a photo of the flower and e-mail this to us. We will endeavour to identify it and e-mail you the answer – but not while you wait!

Naturetale is a mobile phone app for the identification of british wild flowers and berries on country walks in the UK. Naturetale on Facebook Naturetale on Twitter Naturetale on Pinterest Naturetale on Google+ The Naturetale app is available at the app store. Naturetale Blog

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