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Win a day's Wild Flower Masterclass
with the Naturetale team

With a copy of the beautiful ‘Jewels Beyond the Plough’ book for the runner up

This summer, spend a day at a top wild flower site near you with the people who developed the Naturetale app. See wild flowers that you will not normally find. Learn how to identify them, along with details of their life history, the plant communities they form part of, their relationships with animals, and their role in history and folklore.

Dr. Richard JeffersonDr. Richard Jefferson and Steve Hallam will spend the day with you and a friend to explain all this, and possibly a bit more! And we'll bring a gourmet picnic with us, tailored to your likes, to take care of the inner plant people. Richard has worked in botanical nature conservation and ecology for over thirty years. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and has an Identification Jewels beyond the ploughQualification for Wild Flowers from the Natural History Museum. He recently authored a highly praised book on British grasslands, Jewels Beyond the Plough is a beautifully illustrated celebration of the rich variety of the UK’s meadows and the wildlife they support. With a Foreward by Chris Steve HallamPackham and a cover price of £38, this will be a valuable addition to any nature lover’s coffee table! Steve is an enthusiastic amateur conservationist. His key role will be to provide a good picnic.

How to enter

To apply for this offer, all you need to do is enter your name and e-mail address below. An independent person will use a random number generator to select one winner. The winner has to answer one simple question about the app (to check they actually have it) and we will then arrange to meet at a mutually convenient good wild flower site in England.

By entering the information you agree to abide by the rules of this offer, shown below.

How this offer will work
This offer is open to everyone who has bought a Naturetale app and registered for this offer by 25 May 2016.
To take part in this offer register on this web page by entering your name and a contact e-mail address.
An independent person will use an online random number generator to pick the winning Naturetale user.
We will e-mail the selected user by 30 May to ask them a simple question about some aspect of the app (this is to ensure that the winner actually is a Naturetale app user). We will also need the winner to tell us where in the country they live.
If the first winner is unable to answer the question correctly the independent person will randomly select a different winner. The process will be repeated until the question about the app has been answered correctly.
Once we have received the correct answer to this question we will identify a good wild flower site in England that is mutually reachable (we live in Essex and Lincolnshire) and propose a date to meet. This will be in late June or early July. We will also agree a reserve date, in case the primary one turns out to have awful weather.
The winner can bring one companion with them, if they wish.
Once a location and date has been agreed, we will meet the winner on the site. We will bring with us a gourmet picnic for four. (In the case of dry but cold weather this may be replaced by a local pub or restaurant lunch, if there is somewhere suitable).
The winner will be responsible for their own travel arrangements from their home to the agreed site. This travel will be at their own expense.
Winners must consent to allow Naturetale Limited to write about the wild flower expert day on social media and this website, including still and video photography.
This offer is being run by Naturetale Limited. We can be contacted at the address on the 'Contact us' page of this website.
The name of the winner of this offer will be made available by request to Naturetale Limited.
No alternative cash equivalent to this offer will be made available.

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