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Friends of Naturetale

We’ve come across a number of organisations and people that we think are doing interesting and worthwhile stuff. And they’re friendly to boot! We thought that you might like to check them out, so we’ve provided links below, for your interest.

We have to point out that we do not control these sites nor are we responsible for their contents. Our links do not imply endorsement of their sites, businesses or organisations, or of the material displayed on these sites. Our lawyers insist that we accept no liability for information on sites linked to/from these pages. Sorry.


Plantlife is the organisation that is speaking up for our wild flowers, plants and fungi. From the open spaces of their nature reserves to the corridors of government, they’re here to raise their profile, to celebrate their beauty, and to protect their future. We take part in their Wildflower Count, which is the UK's only annual national wild plant survey. It’s interesting and contributes to saving plants.

Langford Press

Langford Press is an independent publisher of books that combine wildlife and art. Ian Langford is an experienced and passionate birdwatcher and conservationist who publishes books that he believes in. He works with the best wildlife artists and illustrators in the UK, giving them total freedom of content and design. As a result the books are a true representation of the artists’ work, and a joy to behold. Langford Press commissions books that they love, rather than what the accountants would necessarily sign off on – and how many publishers do you know who have been shot at by illegal Maltese bird killing hunters?

Wildlife Gadgetman

Jason Alexander, or Wildlife Gadgetman as the world knows him, is doing some fascinating things with technology to make nature more accessible and find out more about it. We can’t say that we understand all of it, but we love the direction of travel. There’s lots of ways to become involved, so have a look.

Green Roof Consultancy

Gary Grant, of Green Roof Consultancy, has provided information on flowers that are being used to establish green roofs, which we have incorporated into the app. GRC know as much as anyone, and more than most, about the practicalities of establishing urban green roofs, maintaining them, and maximising their benefits for building occupiers, urban communities, and nature. They provide a range of services for anyone involved in the planning, design and construction of green roofs. They were heavily involved in the development of the London Olympic Park.

Debbie Lincoln - Medical Herbalist

Debbie Lincoln is a consulting Medical Herbalist based, believe it or not, near Lincoln. She visits clients in their own homes, runs courses, leads herbal medicine walks and gives talks about all aspects of herbal Medicine. We met Debbie when she led a guided walk around Bourne Wood and recognised a kindred spirit! Debbie contributes articles on the medicinal applications of plants to our blog.

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